Monday, September 26, 2022


 September 26, 2022 – Limnos


Limnos is a very arid volcanic island near the entrance to the Dardenelles.  Limnos is the mythological home of Hephaistos or Vulcan, who was cast off Olympus by his father Zeus and landed on Limnos, breaking his leg.  Lame forever, the god of fire toiled at his forge (the volcanoes of the island) and taught the people of the island metalworking.


Myrina is the capital city of Limnos and we anchored just off the harbor with the ruins of a spectacular fortress dating to the 1200’s standing high on the hill above the town.


Going ashore Patrick and Cathy went up the steep path to the fortress and met the rest of the group for lunch at a little restaurant near the harbor.  The shopping area stretched for blocks though the center of town, covered by arbors and greenery.  There were swimming beaches on both sides of town, and scores of boutique hotels.

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