Wednesday, August 4, 2021

East Baranof Island Part 2

 East Baranof Part 2


July 15, 2021


After spending 2 days in Petersburg doing maintenance, we headed back out Wrangell Narrows at 0905 and headed down Frederick Sound to Henrys Arm for the evening, anchoring at 1605.  Spirit was the only vessel anchored in the calm waters.  We began a Mexican Train tournament that evening which will continue.


July 16, 2021


We pulled the anchor from the good holding mud in Henrys Arm at 0700 and headed out Frederick Sound and across Chatham Strait to the east shore of Baranof Island just north of Gut Bay.  The weather was overcast, with rain at times.  We started fishing at 1230 and by 1630 we had a total of 6 Coho salmon in the box, along with a nice rockfish.  Heading into Gut Bay we anchored and processed the fish before having a nice dinner under now sunny skies.


July 17, 2021


We pulled the anchor from 100 feet of water at 0810 and headed back out into Chatham Strait.  After several hours we had 5 Coho and 2 rockfish in the icebox, so we headed across Chatham Strait to Halleck Harbor in Saginaw Bay on Kuiu Island for the evening.  The anchor was set at 1645 after 34 NM of travel.  We were treated to many Humpback Whales feeding including several bubble feeds.


July 18, 2021


With no particular schedule in mind, we raised the anchor from the good holding in Halleck Harbor and headed back up Frederick Sound to Portage Bay, where we set the anchor at 1845.  We were the only vessel for some time until a commercial crab boat came in and anchored further up the bay.


July 19, 2021


Dense fog greeted us in the morning as we raised the anchor at 0622 and headed out of Portage Bay, never glimpsing the entrance lights.  The dense fog, with visibility of often less than 100 yards, continued all the way to the entrance buoy to Wrangell Narrows.  Then the weather cleared and we docked in stall N27 with no incidents at 0956.  The remainder of the day was spent cleaning as many fish scales and as much dried blood from the cockpit as possible, but now dressed in shorts and t-shirts in the sunny warm weather.


We enjoyed grilled bratwurst and potato salad for dinner, along with appetizers of smoked oysters and cream cheese in the cockpit under sunny skies.  A Mexican Train marathon then ensued until nearly midnight.


July 20, 2021


The skies were mostly sunny as we continued cleaning Spirit.  Miriam went to “Salty Dawg” for lunch with Jerry Frostad and the visited with Marj Oines before we cooked filet mignon on the BBQ for dinner.  The rain began about 2000 as we play mor Mexican Train.



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