Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sitka Interlude 1

 Sitka Interlude 1


June 6, 2021


Our first official day of fishing in Sitka started at 0458 as we slipped the lines and headed to Biorka Island.  We were totally unsuccessful, landing only one shaker king which we released from the barbless hooks we are using.  Finally giving up on Biorka Island we headed back to the harbor after trying a few passes at Long Island.  We docked at 1400 having covered 38.6 NM.


June 7,8 were spent dockside doing maintenance on Spirit


June 9, 2021


Getting underway at 0455, we headed to Vitskari Island in dense fog, which cleared by the time we were at the island.  We had the first King Salmon of the season in the boat at 0700.  Fishing continued good and the 4th and final fish of the day was in the boat at 0830.  Spirit was back at the dock by 1130.


June 10, 2021


Patrick and Miriam celebrated their 49th Anniversary today and all of us went to Ludvig’s Bistro for a celebration dinner.  Everything was delicious, including Alaska weathervane scallops, a seafood paella, linguini with chorizo, Caesar Salad and chocolate tort for dessert.


June 11, 2021


Spirit was underway with a tired crew at 0515, heading once again to Vitskari Island.  The first King Salmon was in the icebox at 0830 and by 1030 we had caught our 4th and final salmon for the day as well as one halibut.  We were back to the dock at 1245.  We then just made it to the Sitka Summer Music Festival concert at 1730.


June 12, 2021


Dockside in Sitka, under sunny skies.  We attended the second SSMF concert that evening followed by grilled filet mignon’s and grilled zucchini for dinner under warm skies.


June 13, 2021


Spirit slipped the lines at 0736 and we headed back out to the productive locations from the previous several days.  Today, however there was no luck, just one shaker King Salmon and three small rockfish of the allowable species.  We were back at the dock at 1540.

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