Friday, April 30, 2021

Introduction to our 2021 Voyage


Log of “Spirit”

May 2021


After no blog entries in several years, we are once again documenting our voyages.  Since our last posting in 2018, documenting our cruise from Iceland to Montreal on Seabourn Quest, following the route of the Vikings to Greenland and Newfoundland, we made another voyage twice around New Zealand on Seabourn Encore and then to SE Alaska in 2019.


In March of 2020, we headed to Buenos Aires to board Seabourn Quest for a 36 day expedition up the Amazon, ending up in Miami.  The Covid pandemic intervened and we barely escaped Buenos Aires before the airspace was closed.


Returning the Bellevue, we quarantined ourselves, and finally in June headed to Anacortes to spend time on Spirit, again isolating ourselves.  Summer 2020 was spent between Bellevue, Anacortes and a number of short cruises in the crowded San Juan Islands, since the Canada/USA border was closed to recreational traffic.  Unfortunately, in late August Miriam suffered a major stroke and the next 8 months have been spent in recovery and rehabilitation with the goal of transiting Canada to SE Alaska, an allowable activity.  Miriam was successful in achieving that goal, so the end of April marked the temporary end of rehab and therapy until we return to Bellevue in August.  We still have extensive exercises to perform while we are gone, but can take a break from the in-person therapy sessions.  We have moved our residence to Spirit in Anacortes as we prepare for departure.


Patrick & Miriam have made several short “test” cruises to Roche Harbor and are pleased with the results.


Spirit has been modified with additional handrails and a stern boarding ramp to make it easier to get around the boat.  Nonetheless, we will have good friends Harry and Teri Johnson aboard as crew for the next three months, so that Patrick can attend to Miriam at critical times without worrying about navigating Spirit.


Spirit will attempt to clear Canada customs the morning of May 7.



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