Friday, April 29, 2016

Alaska 2016 - The Voyage Begins

After a shakedown cruise attending the 2016 Selene Owner’s Rendezvous in Roche Harbor, we returned to Anacortes and put on the last few items of gear and food for the first part of our trip north.  We have our friends Lisa and Ted Marx joining us for the first several weeks as we make our way to Port McNeill.

At 1145 we cast off the lines in Anacortes Marina and headed to Cap Sante Marina to top off the main fuel tank and spare fuel for the tenders.  Once again we are towing the 18 foot Grady White, now making its 4th trip to SE Alaska at the end of a towline.  By 1230 we had added 370 gallons of diesel fuel, so with the Grady White in tow we set off westbound in Guemes Channel, riding the ebb tide to boost our speed.

By 1615 we had the lines attached to a nearly deserted “G” dock in Roche Harbor, our destination for the evening.  The four of us had a pleasant dinner at McMillin’s Restaurant, the only choice in Roche Harbor this time of year.

Nearly Deserted G Dock at Roche Harbor