Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Southbound from Port McNeill

August 23 to September 10, 2014

The now familiar route south from Port McNeill and eventually to the homeport in Anacortes held few surprises.  Taking our time, spending several days in each location brought a welcome end to the routine of getting up early to either fish or make use of the tides.  The improving weather was enjoyable after the rainy SE Alaska summer.  Our route included Port Harvey, Mound Island, Thurston Bay, Dent Island, Rebecca Spit, Pender Harbor and now Montague Harbor.

Even the fishing was more relaxed, with several more Coho Salmon brought aboard our now full freezers.  We also enjoyed an informal rendezvous with five other Selenes at Dent Island the end of August.

We are now at anchor in Montague Harbor and will visit Miriam’s cousin Dean Sevold in Ganges tomorrow.  We intend to clear back into US waters on Thursday.

We never tire of watching the marine life, always something new and interesting.

Gull in Thurston Bay

Pacific Whiteside Dolphin Nodales Channel

More Gulls

Orca in Johnstone Strait

By the time we arrive back in Anacortes, Spirit will have covered more than 1000 nautical miles since leaving Ketchikan on August 6, and approximately 2860 nautical miles since leaving Anacortes on May 15.